Fine Cars and Pool Tables

I am Savin. Extraordinaire. Friend. Brother. The Real Slim Shady. Mr. Downtown. "Top Chef, Wes Anderson Protagonist, Boy in tha Benz, A Som-BOOOOAAA-DEEE, Lord of the Tea, Master of Poetry, Male Model of the Year, Magic Man, El Diablo, Theodore Brosevelt, The Godfather". I love vintage;architecture; kindness; charactere; gentleman's attire; cardigans; ties; scarves; sophistication; elegance; class; intelligence; tea; coffee;cooking; Los Angeles; San Francisco; New York; Rio; Paris; Rome; Copenhagen; Europe; Brazil; Asia; Lao Tzu; Hokusai; Korean food; Japanese food; Paul Newman; pool tables; lighters; the classics; fine watches; fine leather goods; Persols; oxfords; brogues; wingtips;suits; cigars; fine cars; nights with the guys; technology; calligraphy; Katakana; Kanji; Hiragana; Mandarin; Hangul; Farsi; Arabic, Italian; Portuguese; Spanish; French; German; Swedish; Danish; other cultures; world history; furniture; Steve McQueen; the 1920's through 2011; LPs; music; The Getty; German cars; fountain pens; masculinity; femininity; balance; Yin and Yang; Feng Shui; the Masons; geometry; God; Buddha; Zarathustra; Pretty much anything. My tumblr is an escape from the mundane and an expression of me.

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16 Toneladas (Sixteen Tons)” | Noriel Vilela | Album: Eis O “Ome” (1968)


ugh i want to get really uncomfortably rich and then just. go around and anonymously donate huge amounts of money to people for things like HEY youre trying to move away from your abusive parents?? BAM 10 thousand mystery dollars oh whats that your dog needs surgery?? BAM paid for hey you cant afford to go to that con with your friends?? BAM better get your cosplay ready you fucking nerd

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Shit days can be made better with American Steel, punk music, Miles Davis and coffee.

I’m so disappointed. Does anyone remember how Tumblr used to be? It was an escape. An escape from bullies, bitches, stress, hard times, family problems, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends. What the fuck has it become? Just scrolling through my dashboard, I’ve seen at least 3 people being sent abuse and hate. Take a step back and think about who the fuck you are and what the fuck you are doing. That’s not what tumblr’s about. If you are against hate, then reblog this.

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